Our Guests safety

VIVI Residence / Safety procedures

Dear Sir or Madam,
Due to the current situation around us, we would like to calm down all our guests and inform that our facility is still open, and the risk that our guests or hotel staff may be infected while staying at the hotel is currently very low. As recommended, we maintain increased sanitary rules.

At VIVI Residence, we promote regular and thorough hand washing by employees and hotel guests, to whom we provide access to a dispenser with disinfectant fluid in a visible place. We also make sure that our workplace is clean and hygienic. We systematically disinfect places used by employees and guests.

When cleaning the apartments, we take extra precautions, i.e. gloves or disposable face and nose masks.

Thanks to the protective glass at the reception we minimize close contact with our guest, which means that we protect both sides.

We cordially invite you to stay in our apartments, because thanks to the introduced methods we effectively provide security to both our guests and employees.

At our hotel, disinfection and hygiene have always been a priority, gloves, disinfection of devices and surfaces – this is standard for us.

For the sake of your and our safety, we decided to further strengthen our activities to provide each of you with both physical and mental comfort.

Therefore, please follow the rules below:

Please limit direct contact with reception.
During check-in, please keep a safe distance of 2 m
If you need help or have any questions, please use the phone available in the apartment by calling 1111.
Cleaning service in the apartment is possible only after prior arrangement of the time with the reception. During the service, please leave the apartment.
Before performing cleaning services by our staff, please download bed linen (optional)
It is strictly forbidden for non-hotel guests to stay in the apartment.

In the event of clear signs of illness such as persistent cough, malaise or difficulty in breathing, please immediately report to the nearest infectious ward for consultation with your doctor by going there by your own transport or by notifying 999 or 112. Nearest ward Tychy, ul. Edukacji 102 – phone: 32 32 55 171. Racibórz, ul. Gamowska 3 – phone: 32 755 50 00. NFZ helpline 800 190 590

We believe that while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and meeting the procedures required by the health and safety department, we can continue to function safely.